UA Presents

UA Presents is Southern Arizona's premier professional performing arts series

UA Presents is a tremendous cultural and educational asset to our region, bringing audiences programming that is among the finest in the country. As the University of Arizona's performing arts presenter, we are a nationally recognized host of world-class performances and programs. We currently offer approximately 80 performances a year in series that includes classical, jazz, dance, family programming and Broadway in Tucson. Additionally, our partnership with the College of Fine Arts educates and inspires young artists of today.

Our staff is hard at work putting your support to good use through engaging, diverse, and inspiring programming and outreach opportunities for students and community members all across our region. Keeping world-class performing arts thriving in our community is our mission every day. Your role as a loyal arts patron is integral to our success.

From world-renowned artists such as the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and Bebe Neuwrith to intriguing, cutting-edge performances by Imago Theatre, Camille A. Brown & Dancers, and the Portland Cello Project, there is so much to experience every year with UA Presents. 

What sets UA Presents apart is our integration between our guest artists and engaging educational and outreach experiences. We maintain a commitment to arts education in Southern Arizona’s school systems through a number of programs that serve more than 5,000 K-12 students annually. 

Some of Our Top Priorities

CFA in Schools

Your support through donations allows UA Presents to partner with the University of Arizona’s College of Fine Arts program CFA in Schools, which brings music and dance education to schools in need in our community, setting up programs to teach guitar, drums and dance.

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