Did you receive a call from 520-626-1706? That is a University of Arizona student calling from right here on the Tucson campus! Our callers look forward to hearing about your Arizona experiences and cannot wait to share ways you can support the university’s greatest needs.

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Meet the Callers

Dakota Dolister

TOP Student Worker Dakota Dolister

  • Position –  Call Center Supervisor
  • Year & Major –  Senior, Psychological Sciences
  • How long I’ve worked at TOP – 3 years
  • Why I am proud to be a Wildcat – Being a Wildcat connects me with so many other Wildcats and communities within the UA. Even on this big campus, I feel like a stranger is one conversation away from being a friend!
  • Fun Fact – A fun fact is that I love sharing fun facts! Did you know it only takes one ounce of honey to fuel a bee’s flight around the world?

Jia Coffou

TOP Student Worker Jia Coffou

  • Position – Call Center Supervisor
  • Year & Major – Senior, Marketing & Business Management
  • How long I’ve worked at TOP – 3 years
  • Why I am proud to be a Wildcat – The UA has given me fantastic professional opportunities, my best friends and memories to last a lifetime! BEAR DOWN!!
  • Fun Fact – I have relatively perfect pitch and can identify any musical note!

Amanda Moon

TOP Student Worker Amanda Moon.jpeg

  • Position – Call Center Supervisor
  • Year & Major – Senior, Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Microbiology
  • How long I’ve worked at TOP – 3 years and counting!
  • Why I am proud to be a Wildcat – I am part of a community doing groundbreaking work in every single field, and having fun while doing it
  • Fun Fact – I work with mice in a cancer lab in the pediatrics department!


Are you a current or incoming University of Arizona student looking for a flexible, part-time job during the school year? Apply to be a Student Caller for the Telephone Outreach Program! 

  • 13.00/hour to start
  • Fun, team-oriented environment
  • Flexible evening shifts that fit your schedule
  • On-campus, secure building with parking available
  • Connect with alumni, parents, and friends of the university
  • Gain communication, networking and sales skills to build your resume!

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Use code: ARIZONA23FY