Front Porch



Wonder Makes Us Human

There’s an almost-universal ineffability to how we feel when we hear a beloved author read their work, when we first glimpse a piece of art that speaks to us or when we’re gathered around a bonfire singing “Bear Down” with our closest friends. Maybe you get goosebumps, maybe a tear comes to your eye or a smile to your lips — and maybe, if you’re lucky, you never forget that feeling. At the University of Arizona, we know that moments of wonder don’t always happen in the classroom, which is why we’re deepening our commitment to providing an environment that enriches the lives of students, faculty and community members alike.

Front Porch Priorities

  • Intercollegiate athletic programs that provide opportunities for student-athletes while also serving as a rallying point for the larger Tucson community
  • A new building for Arizona Public Media (AZPM), a member-supported, nonprofit public media service that provides locally produced, award-winning content from its digital studios on the University of Arizona campus
  • Artistic scholarship connects students with their creativity, while our 600-plus performances, exhibitions and programs welcomes the Tucson community to our Wildcat “Front Porch.”

What Wonders Will You Fuel?

Students celebrating the Wildcats in their gear

An Athletics Powerhouse

Arizona strives to be one of the nation’s top athletic departments through a championship experience in three areas — academics, athletics and personal development. To accomplish our athletic goals, it is crucial that we provide first-class facilities for both our student-athletes and our fans across all 22 sports. “This is just the start of what we hope will be a transformational period for our facilities, but we’ll need the continued support of our fans and donors to address the remainder of our needs moving forward,” says Dave Heeke, vice president and director of athletics. With your support, our student-athletes will have the resources they need to succeed at the highest level in the classroom and in competition.

Fuel Athletics


Two broadcasters speak into a microphone in a studio setting

A Headquarters for Connection

From in-depth, commercial-free reporting and entertainment that feeds your curiosity to national television and radio content from PBS and NPR, AZPM informs, inspires and connects the community to campus. To continue offering such a vital service to the university and larger community, AZPM needs a new building to attract talent and foster growth. “AZPM is your window to the world,” says Marianne Leedy, AZPM Leadership Giving CEO Circle member. “Your support ensures that channels like NPR 89.1, Classical 90.5, the BBC World Service and PBS 6 on broadcast TV will continue to reach people across Southern Arizona.” With your support, AZPM can ensure free and public access to media that strengthens and informs our community.