University Ecosystem



Wonder Unites Us

As Arizona’s land-grant university, the University of Arizona is committed to advancing access at large scale and building a student body that’s reflective of our home state — diverse in both background and perspective and never afraid to think outside the box. It’s our great honor to support our student Wildcats and empower them to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. From efforts that get undergraduates here to services that boost their success once they arrive, we strive to become a place of wonder for students from all walks of life. Your generosity will help us create an environment in which all students thrive.

University Ecosystem Priorities

  • Undergraduate scholarships ensure that the University of Arizona is accessible and affordable to the broadest spectrum of the brightest students.
  • Endowed faculty chairs are crucial for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality faculty, as well as ensuring top-tier research constantly happens here.
  • Knowledge discovery leads to a future where no talent goes to waste and where we cultivate each person’s unique wisdom.


What Wonders Will You Fuel?

Multi-generational graduate celebration

Student Success

Student Wildcats are so much more than their majors, and the quality of a college education extends far beyond the requisite coursework. At the University of Arizona, we’re building a post-secondary education experience that cares for our scholars holistically. That means ensuring that every student’s basic needs are met, including housing, food and financial security. It means scaling student support way up to help learners of every kind succeed, on campus and off. With your help, we can create a world of wonder that’s accessible to all.

Fuel Student Success


HiRise Faculty Stands near Telescope Equipment

Faculty Research

Across higher education landscape, endowed professorships and chairs have become the gold standard for recruiting and retaining faculty, as well as ensuring world-class research is always happening. The reality is that if we wish to keep the very best faculty, it’s crucial that we have endowed professorships and chairs. That has become an expectation of truly exceptional teachers and scholars. By funding endowed chairs, we can bring the brightest minds of our time to Tucson and ensure their research makes a lasting difference.

Fuel Faculty Research


UA student concentrating in a science class

Knowledge Discovery

Committed to equity and inclusion, we know that great minds do not actually think alike and that there’s a wealth of wisdom that can only be found in a diverse student body. As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, the University of Arizona is committed to ensuring that Hispanic students flourish, both on and off campus. We also have a special obligation to serve the 22 federally recognized tribal nations on whose lands we reside — an honor and a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. With your support, we can ensure that Arizona continues to open the doors of opportunity to historically underserved communities.

Fuel Knowledge Discovery