Liverman Scholars


Diana Liverman



In celebration of Regents Professor Diana Liverman and her legacy of leading on the environment at the University of Arizona and globally, we invite you to show your support for the Diana Liverman Scholars Program. This new program is an extension of the Carson Scholars Program for graduate students, founded by Diana Liverman in 2011, and aims to prepare UArizona undergraduate students as the leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow. 

The Liverman Scholars will connect to each other and to local environmental realities while fostering dialogue and understanding across academic and community solutions for societal grand challenges.




A unique preparation of UArizona undergraduates via experiential connection to the robust biocultural assets of our region

Together with Carson Scholars, world-class faculty, community partners, and socio-economic and disciplinary diversity, this prestigious group of students will unpack and tackle the pressing issues of the day—from environmental resilience to social justice. Grounded in a connection to land, community, and one another, the Scholars participate in a place-and-experience focused program to prepare leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow. 

Scholars will necessarily have an environmental focus but need not be majors in environmental fields; the program seeks Scholars from a wide array of backgrounds to foster richer communication and deeper learning.