Arizona Loyal Spotlight

May 1, 2022
Old Main
Stephanie Armel

What made you want to attend the University of Arizona?

I choose to attend the University of Arizona because I wanted to stay in state, but I also wanted to experience a new city. I was born and raised in the Phoenix metro area and my family expected me to go to Arizona State, but I had other plans. I fell in love with Tucson and the whole atmosphere of the campus and became a Wildcat.

What is your best University of Arizona memory?

My favorite memory would be the first time I saw Old Main. I found the building to be unique and lovely. Throughout my four years at the university, I would sit at the tables on the first floor of Old Main. I would work on homework and eat lunch. Sometimes I would just sit there enjoying the landscape and watch the hustle and bustle of the campus around me.

What did you do after graduating from the university?

After graduating from the university, I went to work in our family business, MarLam Industries, and eventually took over the day-to-day operations. Along with my fellow Wildcat husband, Jason, our company fabricates and installs countertops and wall surfaces, in a variety of products for residential, commercial and custom jobs. We have been married for almost 25 years and have two daughters who are currently attending the University of Arizona.

What’s the best thing you gained from your time at the university?

The best thing I gained from the university was a well-rounded education which prepared me and gave me the confidence to succeed in running our family business. On a personal level, my husband and I gained friendships that will be lifelong connections.

What are your reasons for giving to the university?

I give to the university because education is so fundamental. I feel that no one should be denied a higher education if they want it and work hard for it. Any amount of money is critical to a student in need. That’s why I will do my part, as a fellow Wildcat, and help the next generation of students achieve a higher education.

What do you hope your gift will accomplish?

I hope that my gift will make a student’s financial burden easier and grow student programs.