Valley Fever Center for Excellence

Outreach is one of the missions of the Valley Fever Center for Excellence. Here, Fariba Donovan, MD, PhD, educates a standardized patient about the fungal disease.

With an unwavering commitment to eradicating Valley fever, we will create a future where prevention is possible, diagnosis is rapid, treatment is optimized, and a cure is available.

In 1996, the Arizona Board of Regents established the Valley Fever Center for Excellence (VFCE) at the University of Arizona, in order to address the problems caused by the fungus, Coccidioides, the cause of coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever). Two-thirds of all Valley Fever infections in the United States occur in Arizona, mostly in the urban areas surrounding Phoenix and Tucson. 

The mission of the VFCE is to mobilize resources for the eradication of Valley Fever through:

  • The development of public awareness and education about Valley Fever.

  • The promotion of high-quality care for patients with Valley Fever.

  • The pursuit and encouragement of research into all aspects of Coccidioides sp. and the diseases that it causes.

The Valley Fever Center for Excellence relies solely upon donations and grants. Contributions to the VFCE enable us to continue serving the public through research, education and the treatment of this disease. 


Technician administers vaccine to canine patient.

The research team at the Valley Fever Center for Excellence aims to develop a canine vaccine for valley fever. Donations from Arizona dog owners fueled the early research for a canine vaccine, which is a promising step toward a vaccine for humans.

Valley fever is much better understood worldwide thanks to the UArizona Valley Fever Center for Excellence’s research, education and outreach efforts.

John N. Galgiani, MD, (center) founded the Valley Fever Center for Excellence in 1996. Research efforts at the VFCE under Dr. Galgiani's leadership are focused on increasing knowledge of how and why valley fever affects people differently, creating more effective rapid diagnostic tools, and developing a live, yet safe, vaccine with the goal of preventing the fungal disease.


Valley Fever Center for Excellence Fund

Helps cover the costs for Valley Fever education outreach, research, and other emergent needs of the center.            

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Valley Fever Vaccine Project

Supports the creation of the Valley Fever vaccine, for animals and humans, and covers clinical trial costs. Read more about this project here.

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Valley Fever Companion Care

Provides support to further advance research in Valley Fever in dogs.    

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