Giving Day Ambassadors Overview

What are Ambassadors? 

Ambassadors spread the word about Giving Day on social media and with their personal networks. People can self-identify and sign up to be an Ambassador or a Unit can invite key influencers to become an Ambassador (deans, faculty, board members, student leaders, etc.). Ambassadors play an important role in the success of Giving Day because studies have shown that donors are twice as likely to give to people they know!

How do you sign up to be an Ambassador? 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Ambassadors” to the left of “Challenges”
  3. Enter the email address inside “Enter your email to get started…” 
  4. Click “Sign Up” 

Ambassadors will receive an email shortly after from the Giving Day platform, ScaleFunder, that asks them to create an account. Once completed, they can create a custom URL to share about Giving Day with their network. The URL will also allow Ambassadors to track how many gifts and the total dollar amount they’ve brought in. 

Who should sign up to be an Ambassador? 

All alumni, community members, donors, faculty, staff, friends and families can sign up! We recommend that Unit staff who run social media or send emails also sign up so they can track results through their custom URL. It’s an easy way to track the success of your digital communications channels.