Arizona Arts Live

Arizona Arts Live

Arizona Arts Live (formerly UA Presents) curates extraordinary live experiences to inspire creativity, enrich the culture of our community, and elevate our place in the world. 

These experiences create more thoughtful and empathetic southern Arizonans so that we might work together to expand human potential, explore new horizons, and enrich life for all.

Southern Arizona grows stronger when we cultivate spaces that welcome people from all backgrounds to gather and share in the extraordinary and the unexpected. Your role as a member of our community is integral to our success.


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Arizona Arts Live celebrates our place within the broader Arizona Arts division at the University of Arizona, working to present our community on a global stage and make Tucson an arts destination.

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We believe that the arts transform lives and communities. You help make this happen. Ticket sales and University support make up just a fraction of our annual budget. By making a gift to support Arizona Arts Live now, you will ensure that we continue to thrive and to connect artists and audiences even in a time of crisis and isolation.


Arizona Arts Live General Fund

Arizona Arts Live is only possible thanks to the support of donors like you. In addition to supporting Arizona Arts Live’s general operations, you also support pieces of Arizona Arts Live that meaningfully connect to the diverse communities in our region and shine a national spotlight on our stage.

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