BIO5 Institute

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The BIO5 Institute harnesses the collaborative power of agriculture, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and science to solve grand biological challenges

At BIO5, hundreds of researchers from more than 20 colleges and departments across the University of Arizona work together to advance the pace of scientific discovery. We attract the top scientific minds in the world and support them with equally top-notch facilities, state-of-the-art tools, and unique opportunities to collaborate. This allows them to successfully create bold solutions to complex biological challenges like feeding a growing world population, preventing and treating major diseases, generating biofuels, and creating a healthy ecosystem.

All of our areas of research offer opportunities for us to expand and excel. Now more than ever, we rely on philanthropic giving to make our boldest research possible. Your investment will help us develop the infrastructure that allows researchers to connect with each other, use constantly evolving technologies, and explore hard-fought solutions together, as well as to mentor the next generation of scientists.


Jennifer Barton

“Through my own research, I know the absolute necessity of an interdisciplinary approach in solving important health challenges. BIO5 is renowned for this, and philanthropic support helps us to continue to pursue all we know could be possible when we remove boundaries.”

–Director Jennifer Barton 

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At BIO5, Dr. Jennifer Barton is engineering new technologies for the early detection of cancer—especially ovarian cancer, which remains difficult to catch early enough for consistently effective treatment. The diagnostic tools she is developing, once implemented for use in a health care setting, will save lives.


KEYS Internship Program

The Keep Engaging Youth in Science (KEYS) program offers summer research internships to top performing high school students who have a strong interest in pursuing advanced education and training in the bioscience or biomedical fields.

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KEYS to the Future Endowment

This fund provides operational support for the KEYS Program in perpetuity. 

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IDRC Infectious Disease Research Core

Help integrate disciplines to enable new discoveries of the role of microbes in human health and disease. 

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