College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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Agriculture and life sciences now touches everything from creating better nutrition, to finding alternative fuel, to preserving sensitive ecosystems

At CALS, we’re redefining agriculture and life sciences, expanding the possibilities and harnessing science to solve a broad range of the world’s toughest challenges. We are both a local resource and a global influencer in areas as diverse as agriculture, resource conservation, commerce and bio economy. As our industries face the unique challenges of the modern area, we are developing the technology and methods to create a sustainable and profitable tomorrow and inspiring students to be flexible problem-solvers.

Your ongoing partnership is crucial to help us sustain and grow our initiatives and continue to build on our progress. With your support, we will bring our research and technologies to the communities that need it most, creating a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow for everyone.


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“Today, we simply cannot strive for anything less than ‘best in class’ with all we focus on at CALS. We can only achieve this with your help to provide the resources and experiences our students and faculty need.”

–Dean Shane Burgess

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Cooperative Extension is a staple of our college and directly connected to our mission of sharing research and innovations with the public. The Cooperative Extension works to improve lives, communities and the economy by serving as a statewide network of knowledgeable faculty and staff. 


Alumni & Donor Relations

We have outstanding faculty, motivated students, loyal alumni, the support of industry and a long tradition of our community coming together to do great things. Support the relationships and connections CALs needs to remain a world-class institution and a global leader in agriculture and the life sciences.

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General Scholarships

Your scholarship gifts enhance access, academic quality, outcomes, and diversity of ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds among students. There is more than one way to give; let us work with you to design an approach that reflects your philanthropic priorities and financial plan.

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Friends of CALS

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has many diverse areas of education and research. Your contribution to this fund allows the college to adapt to changing needs. 

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Campus Arboretum

Help support the Campus Arboretum's educational and outreach programs, student training and research projects that promote sustainable urban land management and development. 

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College of Veterinary Medicine

Your support of the College of Veterinary Medicine will allow more Arizona students to pursue veterinary medical degrees, spend fewer years obtaining their degree and graduate with half the average debt load. 

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