College of Education

Education is a cornerstone of our society

We need education to grow, to inspire us, to prepare us for careers, and to guide us through our lives. At the College of Education, we are conducting research on the grand challenges facing education today. Our graduates include teachers, of course, but also leaders, researchers, counselors, deaf interpreters, school psychologists, special education teachers, principals and superintendents. Whether you want to study the cultural nuances that affect education or advocate for research-proven education policies, College of Education has all of this and more. 

Your support can help us provide dynamic learning experiences that allow students to connect theory and research with practice. You also empower us to pursue innovative teaching and educational technologies, including robots for telepresence instruction and a state-of-the-art production studio for online teaching. 

“At the College of Education, we take the challenges that confront our nation’s education systems as our challenges. Donors help us put our research into practice and advance education throughout the state of Arizona and around the world.”

– Dean Bruce Johnson

Students who choose careers in education face major challenges financing college knowing that the earning potential is low compared to other professions. Scholarships relieve our students of financial burdens, allowing them to focus on their studies and gain experience through student teaching, internships and research opportunities

Some of Our Top Priorities

Cooper Center for Environmental Learning

Your support will drive the success of the Cooper Center's  long-range expansion goals to make our programs and facilities even more attractive to the Tucson community and to give more students and teachers the opportunity to experience first-hand living experiences in the Sonoran Desert.

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Worlds of Words
With over 35,000 texts, Worlds of Words holds the largest collection of global literature for children and young adults in the United States. Your help can make journeys through story worlds possible for every student.
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Dean's Discretionary Fund

Support the College of Education's areas of greatest need. 

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College of Education Scholarships

Your support relieves our students of their financial burdens, freeing up valuable time to focus on their studies and on gaining real-world experience through student teaching, internships, and research opportunities. The richer their experiences now, the more they will impact education in the future.

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Project FOCUS

Project FOCUS (Focusing Opportunities with Community and University Support) is an innovative transition program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. Your gift will improve access and include to increase each student’s independence, quality of life, and employability.

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