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University Libraries support the success of every student and faculty member

The libraries are the Intellectual crossroads of the university. We provide the tech, the tools, the expertise - and, yes - the books to support research and learning across all disciplines.

When you give to University Libraries, you help students stretch their education dollars by enhancing the technology lending program and advancing the adoption of low- and no-cost textbooks. And your gifts fuel innovation by empowering all library users to learn through different methods, from reading the latest research findings to creating new forms of digital scholarship.


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"We are constantly pushing the envelope to offer world-class facilities, services and experiences, but we need your help to fully realize our vision. Your generosity has never been more vital in preparing every student to thrive both at the UA and in their professional careers."

– Dean Shan C. Sutton
   Katheryne B. Willock Endowed Chair

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The recently completed Student Success District connects library services with student success services across four buildings in the heart of campus as one seamless experience. This one-of-a-kind model enables the libraries to offer the latest technologies that enable students to learn through borrowing devices or conducting research in cutting-edge facilities.


Technology Lending 

The Libraries have been loaning laptops and other devices to UA students since 2006. A service that started with ten laptops has grown to over 1,200 laptops and a vast array of other equipment, including tablets, cameras, 3D scanners, projectors, headphones, Wi-Fi hot spots, and advanced calculators as part of the Rhonda G. Tubbs Tech Toolshed. Your gift helps to provide free access to these devices and ensure that no student is disadvantaged in their learning by a lack of access to technology and related financial constraints.

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CATalyst Studios

As part of the new UA Student Success District, the Main Library’s CATalyst Studios provide all UA students with access to cutting-edge technologies in its Maker Studio, Data Studio, and the Terry Seligman VR (virtual reality) Studio. These experiences facilitate learning through designing, prototyping, and fabricating new creations in the digital and analog realms in a collaborative learning environment. Your support ensures the tech skills learned in CATalyst Studios will position students for academic success and career preparation.

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Health Sciences Library

Your support will provide clinicians, faculty, researchers and students with the latest health information through access to journals, texts, databases, and software. Train health care workers, public and tribal librarians, K-12 students, and others to effectively evaluate online health information. 

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University of Arizona Press

Your contributions enable us to sustain and expand our work to connect scholarship and creative expression with readers worldwide.

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