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University Libraries support the success of every student and faculty member

The libraries are the intellectual crossroads of the university. We provide the tech, the tools, the expertise — and, yes — the books to support research and scholarship. We make information open and accessible and help faculty and students contend with the challenges of big data.

When you give to University Libraries, you help students stretch their education dollars by enhancing the technology lending program and advancing the adoption of low- and no-cost textbooks. And your gifts fuel innovation by empowering all library users to learn through different methods, from reading the latest publications to engaging in virtual experiences.



“We are constantly pushing the envelope to offer world-class facilities, services and experiences, but we need your help to fully realize our vision. Your generosity has never been more vital, and it is greatly appreciated.”

– Dean Shan C. Sutton
   Katheryne B. Willock Endowed Chair

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The Student Success District is an initiative that will give students more collaborative learning spaces and more access to cutting-edge technologies. Help us make the Main and Albert B. Weaver Science-Engineering Libraries the heart of student success on campus.


Student Success District

New and expanded space will house transformative programs such as Student Engagement & Career Development, the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center, and THINK TANK where students build the skills that they will need throughout their academic, professional and personal lives.

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Special Collections

Your gift will help identify, preserve, and showcase archival artifacts not found anywhere else. With your help we can: Acquire collections that capture moments of history, culture, and experience. Digitize our collections so that a global community can access the treasures held within the archives. Showcase our collections through a robust schedule of exhibitions and public programs.

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Health Sciences Library

Your support will provide clinicians, faculty, researchers and students with the latest health information through access to journals, texts, databases, and software. Train health care workers, public and tribal librarians, K-12 students, and others to effectively evaluate online health information. 

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University of Arizona Press

Your contributions enable us to sustain and expand our work to connect scholarship and creative expression with readers worldwide.

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